Javarisi Payasam / Sago Kheer

sago kheer

Javarisi Payasam is specially made during religious festivals as a Neivedhyam.Javarisi is Tapioca pearls which is prepared from Cassava roots and it mainly contains starch thus high in carbohydrates.These tapioca pearls are widely used in Indian cooking for making breakfast items like vadais,upma,pongal and also in desserts and sundaes like faaludas.They are so attractive, inviting… 

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Broken Wheat Kheer / Godhumai Payasam -Guest post for Vidhya


Today’s recipe is a guest post I made for Vidhya from Vidhyashomecooking .Vidhya and I became friends through WP and that too very recently. She is such a talented blogger, an active working woman who is managing both her family and her workplace so happily. I called her for the first time for I had… 

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Kaima Idly-Leftover Idly recipe

kaima idly

A wonderful make over with the left over Idly would definitely be this Kaima Idly recipe.Left over Idlis are deep fried in oil ,sauteed with some veggies and finally garnished with coriander leaves and lime juice.As the Idlies are deep fried they tend to absorb more oil,so it is very important to consume them immediately… 

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Chocolate Choco chip Muffins

choco chip muffin

Vanilla scented chocolate muffin batter with some chocochip is all you need to make these Chocolate chocochip muffins.This delicious recipe is loaded with a good dose of chocolate chips.A very simple recipe that is so perfect for kids lunch boxes or as an after school snack.The texture is so soft like cake with crusty top.Use… 

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Mutton Markandam Kulambu

markandham kulambu

Mutton Markandam kulambu is prepared using mutton ribs or riblets.Mutton ribs are rich,meaty,juicy and packed with flavour.Mutton ribs contains thin layers of meat,fat and bones that add their unique flavor to the gravy.The reason why lamb ribs are so delicious is probably because they are high in saturated fats and cholesterol.Mutton ribs cooked in spicy… 

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Wheat palm jaggery dumplings / Godhumai karupatti kozhukatai

wheat kozhukatai

Just a month more for Vinayagar Chathurthi,an auspicious hindu festival celebrated all over India.It is celebrated as the birth anniversary of Lord Ganesha who is the god of wisdom,prosperity and good fortune.Vinayagar chathurthi festival is as colourful as Diwali .In preparation for the festival ,artisans create clay models of Lord Ganesha for sale and small… 

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Vegetable Kurma

veggie korma

Kurma is a side dish gravy prepared using veggies or meat cooked in coconut or curd based gravy.There are so many variations used in making kurma and it differs from every region.In most of the southern parts of India,kurmas are made using coconut milk that enhances the taste and flavour.I am sharing here an easy… 

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Wheat Sesame Crackers

wheat sesame biscuits

Crackers are flat biscuits with savoury and salty flavours.Here’s a simple salted golden brown crackers made with 3 healthy ingredients wheat,olive oil and sesame seeds.These crackers are very crispy with the nutty ,crunchy sesame seeds that give such nice flavour to the crackers.They are unbelievably easy to make and bake in minutes.In less than half… 

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Pasiparuppu Payasam / Moong dal Payasam

moong dal payasam

It’s hard to believe I started this blog as a passion two years ago today! To celebrate any special day I prefer making Indian sweets.To make it even more special I would like to share a Tamilian traditional recipe Pasiparupu Payasam made using moong dal / split green gram dal and jaggery to make it… 

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Mutton Kurma

muton kurma

Kurmas are flavourful,nutty ,creamy side dish recipe that is so simple and quick recipe that could be easily made even for a group of people.The preparations might differ but the basic ingredients are nuts,spices and coconut.Kurmas can be served for breakfast,lunch and dinner .They tastes great with almost all Indian breakfasts,pulav varieties or just with… 

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