Kesar Kaju Katli / Kesar kaju burfi


Just few more days for Diwali ,the festivals of lights and all Indian homes will definitely be filled with varieties of sweets and savories by now.Indian sweets are always rich and special with the addition of ghee,cardamom ,nuts and saffron that enhances the flavor and taste of the sweet.I have shared a very rich and… 

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Aval laddu / Poha ladoo recipe


Aval laddu or Poha ladoo is an easy sweet recipe that even beginners can easily give a try.With just few ingredients one can make this laddu in no time.An easy Neivedhyam recipe for festival like Gokulashtami.I have used ghee to shape them ,if you are conscious about your calorie intake then you can use just… 

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Shrikhand (with cardamom & saffron)


Shrikhand is a traditional Indian sweet recipe from Gujarat and Mahrastra made from hung or strained curd.Hung curd is mixed with sugar,flavoured with cardamom and saffron ,garnished with nuts and chilled before serving.Always use fresh unsour curd to make this sweet recipe. An easy sweet recipe that doesn’t require any cooking process.Even newbie cooks and… 

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Ellu Urundai / Sesame seed balls


Ellu Urundai is a crunchy,nutty traditional sweet of India.These sesame seed balls are so nutritious with just two healthy ingredients sesame seeds and jaggery, also a zero oil and zero sugar sweet recipe.Sesame seeds are roasted,mixed with caramelized jaggery and then made to burfis.Ellu Urundai is a part of our tradition to make them for… 

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Maggi Veg Briyani


Maggie is an instant noodle from Nestle and is popular all over India. It is a companion of all students, graduates living in hostel and people staying abroad alone and away from family. Maggi has been one of the favourite breakfast options for kids and adults.It is so easy to prepare and one could make… 

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Keluthi Meen Kulambu / Catfish Curry


Keluthi meen is a fresh water fish with long whiskers and may be that is the reason they are called Catfish in english.Keluthi meen (catfish) tastes so good compared to the sea water fishes especially for they are caught and sold alive.As there is no preservatives used to store them, they are healthy and so… 

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Veraal meen kulambu (Chennai style)

murrel fish

Murrel fish or Veraal fish is a fresh water fish and an excellent source of omega -3 fatty acids.The demands for Murrels are very high because they are caught and sold alive,thus no chemicals are used to store them.Only the cleaning part is difficult because of their slimy skin part.Wash them thoroughly in water with… 

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Wheat Jaggery Dumplings / Godhumai vellam kozhukatai

wheat jaggery dumplings

Wishing you all a very HAPPY VINAYAGR CHATHURTHI.An auspicious hindu festival celebrated all over India,it is the birth anniversary of Lord Ganesha who is the god of wisdom,prosperity and good fortune.The primary sweet dish prepared as Neivedhyam for Lord Ganesha is Kozhukatai (MODAK) made from rice flour or wheat flour with stuffing of grated coconut,jaggery,nuts… 

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Kadalai Paruppu Pooranam Kozhukatai / Bengal Gram Jaggery Dumplings

kadalai paruppu pooranam

Kadalai Paruppu Pooranam Kozhukatai is prepared with bengal gram and jaggery without any addition of sugar.A healthy protein rich kozhukatai with jaggery as a sweetening agent.The Bengal gram (kadalai paruppu is cooked ,mixed with jaggery and grated coconut then filled inside the rice flour dough and finally steamed.The filling is so rich and delicious,it is… 

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Veraal Meen Roast / Murrel Fish Fry

murrel fish

Nothing can beat the flavour of freshly ground Indian spices but still we rely on ready made kitchen powders to enhance the flavour and taste of foods.These kitchen powders that we buy from the markets must have some artificial flavoring and coloring agents that may cause health hazards.Here is a simple fish fry masala that… 

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